Life-like models of ready dishes and food products

Manufacturing realistic replicas has more than two hundred years of history in Japan - the country of origin of this type of highly specialized art. Our specialists have been trained in Japan and can produce models for restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, deli shops and factories for displaying the production of foodstuffs.

Exact copies of ready meals, products from the meat and poultry industry, semi-finished products, beverages, desserts, fruits, vegetables and other foodstuffs, are all made from non-perishable synthetic materials.

The benefits of using our models include:

  • mounted at the entrance or in the display case, attract potential customers;
  • give accurate representation of the amount of servings, method of cooking, ingredients;
  • allow clients, who do not speak the local languages, to make a visual choice;
  • allow you to demonstrate perishable food products without violating sanitary/epidemiological norms;
  • allow you to avoid using refrigerators, saving electricity;
  • allow the display of products of different types in a confined space without contamination;
  • are uniquely beautiful by design.