Advantages of ordering a NL model

Our models perform a variety of tasks and functions, the most important of which are listed below.
A model is an excellent tool for the presentation of your design. Even a very good virtual 3d visualization does not compare with a physical layout. Only a model can give the most complete volumetric-spatial representation of the real object. The viewer can pick any point of view and consider the entire layout with all parties from multiple vantage points.
During exhibitions the presentations of models, as a rule, are always the main subject of attention and a powerful means to attract potential investors and clients.
Using our models is the simplest and most affordable way to give viewers, not just specialists in the field, your message and explain it, where other means it would make it much harder.
Our models also allow you to identify inaccuracies and errors of the real structure itself, helping you to find the right technical and constructive solutions.
The layout of the model demonstrates how your structure fits within the architectural environment; it highlights many questions when considering issues concerning town planning and architectural authorities.