Pricing and costs

Price calculations do not necessarily depend on the volume of the work as it is related to many factors. The most important are mentioned below in order of the most appropriate degree of influence on the price:

The level of detailing and complexity. The more detail the work requires the more development and manufacturing of larger quantities of parts there will be. Objects with curved, circular, spherical, or other non-standard shapes or forms and also the complexity of the topography of the display area greatly increases the time of development and complicates the process of manufacturing.

Display of internal devices. This may call for the development and manufacture of not only the parts themselves but those that are inside the object, and also the use of additional technical and/or constructive solutions.

Equipment used in the layout of the mechanical, electronic components and electrical lighting. The price of the order will affect payment of work of our professionals in this field and therefore the cost of equipment and materials.

The Term of execution of the order. The average time taken for manufacturing of a typical model layout is 15-30 days. If necessary, we can complete the order in a shorter period at additional cost by using a greater number of specialists and organize work in multiple shifts.

The Cost Of materials. Apart from using special materials, the price will not be significantly altered.

Accessories. In addition to the layout we can provide a transparent dust cover, pedestal and box for transportation.