Applied materials

I our production processes we use a wide range of different materials, purchased in different countries. All materials are carefully selected and tested before their use. Choice materials are determined by their properties, particularly the durability and resistance to change in humidity and temperature. Below are the principle materials typically used by us at NL Models:

Acrylic - sheet materal, transparent, translucent, light scattering and color, thickness from 0.3 mm up to 10 mm. With sufficient mechanical strength and resistance to atmospheric conditions. This applies for manufacturing of small parts, parts with an imitation of the texture of the material, details of the frames, load-bearing structures, facades and trim.

ABS plastic - sheet material, opaque, with thickness from 1 mm to 20 mm. Easily processed and sticks together, has a good elasticity. Used for manufacturing of frames, reliefs, construction elements.

Vinyl - liquid material, transparent, translucent, opaque, varying degrees of elasticity, is cured with the help of temperature processing. Used for manufacturing of mass production of parts, as material for casting in forms, for the production of replicas and custom parts.

Polymer resin - liquid material, transparent, translucent, color. After solidification by using the catalyst it becomes tough. Used to simulate water and water bodies, manufacturing of non-standard parts, for cold casting parts.

Vinyl film - sheet material of different colors, transparency and reflectivity. Used for toning of stained-glass panels and Windows, window covers.

Materials for the simulated green environment - colored foam rubber, sheet and artificial grass, nylon fibers. Used for the production of trees, bushes, flowers, lawns etc.

Acrylic paint - fast, has good adhesion with a painted surface, elastic. Used for painting of the main body of the parts and components in the layout.

Wood , CPD , RSD - Used for manufacturing reasons in layouts and in packaging.

Light-Emitting diodes - ideal for use in the manufacture of model sources of light, have small dimensions, durable, emit limited heat, economical to use.