Make an order with us

Cost and duration of work
Firstly you should provide us with the essential information for us to evaluate the price and time needed to complete your order. Usually, it is enough to provide us with a few images of the design you need us to make a model of, including side views and a general plan with the overall dimensions, and some description of your specific requirements for the model layout itself. If there is a time limit, please specify the deadline of the model’s required completion date. After we have carefully studied and considered this information, we will give you a proposal with a description of work to be done and several possible options with their relevant prices and completion dates.
Information required for the production of a model layout
For architectural models, it is most desirable to provide drawings of the elevations, plans, sections, a plan of relief, plans of improvements and landscape gardening with information about the finishing materials and color descriptions.

For industrial designs and models of equipment we require blueprints, plans of the object’s location, patterns of production and technological processes, if they should be reflected in the layout.
Provision of the most complete information will avoid many difficult issues and will promote an optimum model layout which will conform closely to the original. 

Nevertheless, a lack of full information is not necessarily a problem as our experienced staff can offer several good tips and advice to further the completion of your desired product, though this may necessitate some ongoing consultation as we progress with your order.