Primary Stage: familiarity with the project. Obtaining preliminary information from the customer and study, clarification of all emerging issues. Preparing suggestions on making the different variants of execution. Conclusion of the contract. Obtaining detailed information for making the model layout. 

Development. This is a critical step in creating the layout which takes up to 50% of the total time. Working on the basis of the materials of the customer, our developers create drawings of all the parts of the future model, taking into account the material for each component, create assembly drawings and explanations for the client and create the project lighting layout.

Manufacturing details. According to the development of drawings and files, the operation of laser, milling and 3d equipment are made in sufficient quantity for the details of the model layout. Features of the equipment allow us to produce the details at small sizes with maximum development and display of realistic textures and simulated materials.

Coloring. Manufactured parts pass into the coloring shop, where they are, according to the  method of spraying, painted in the desired color. Applied inks allow us to attach the details of any color, and the finish such as matte, glossy or metallic surfaces.

Manufacturing base layout. Considerable importance is attached to the external appearance and the design of the base layout. It can consist of one or several parts and have pull-out elements. The base of the layout can be made of chipboard, MDF, metal, lined with plastic or wood and is equipped with removable, adjustable legs.

Assembly. Manufactured and painted details are assembled in the building shop, where from them, with the help of assembly drawings the entire layout can be constructed. Each model layout is unique and very rarely made more than once. Therefore, for assemblies we select professionals with special skills, and we pay great attention to their individual training.


Creating landscape. If the entire layout has to display the structure in its surroundings, then on the basis of the layout the project landscape is made, with the terrain of the area, infrastructure, improvements, landscaping, small architecture, models of people, animals, vehicles and so on.

Production of electrical, mechanical and technical components. In parallel with the process of assembly, the technical part of the layout is made. Backlit model layouts are done with the aid of light-emitting diodes, which allow you to highlight objects like interiors, and details outside. Backlighting can be static, dynamic, with phase switching. When the need arises, at this stage, the layout can be equipped with moving or rotating parts, systems of fluids and sound equipment. The model layout can be supplied with a remote control system, which will provide additional opportunities to demonstrate important details of the entire layout.

Completion Of The Model. At this stage we can make possible additions for the customer, If necessary, for example, to customize the layout of the transparent cover and produce the final packaging.

Delivery. On request of the customer, we can recommend a transport company and deliver the model layout to the required location.